Parent Responsibilities

Make sure your child

1. Is registered on time
2. Gets to practice and games on time and is picked up
        on time
3. Or you notify the coach if your child cannot attend a
        practice or game
4. Is wearing a full and proper uniform to games
5. Has enough water and is properly screened from the sun

Parents are expected to respect the game. Youth soccer exists for the enjoyment of the kids. Parents need to let the coaches and referees do their jobs, and to let the kids play the game. This sounds obvious, but is easily forgotten in the intensity of the game. We all disagree with a referee call at least once a game, but not really much depends on it. Parents are expected to stay off the field, including during the half time. ACCYSL has a zero tolerance rule regarding referee abuse. Please read the rules on Sideline Behavior.

Finding Your Game Schedule

Click here to find game schedules for ACCYSL and other leagues.


Parents Resources

Positive Parents DVD
Parents Resources Library
How To Line A Field
Field Set Up And Take Down
Rosters And Game Cards

The Team Manager

For the most part coaches are unpaid volunteers who spend more than their share of time devoted to coaching. The team manager can help enormously to make sure the coach is not doing more. Responsibilities include making sure parents are informed about the game schedule and practices, keeping a team binder, setting up a snack schedule for games, and facilitating team communication. Of course, the team manager can delegate to other parents. It is the hope of the league that one parent of each child will act as a team manager at least once during the years their child is playing.

The team binder should have the following:

1. Medical release forms for each player
2. Player and coach passes on a ring for easy handling by the referee
3. Game cards (aka match reports), which are provided to the referee by the home team (listed first on the schedule). Click here for instructions on getting game cards.
4. Names and contact information of opposing coaches or team managers. This information can be found on the Division Schedule page on
5. Contact information for the referee assignor and the match scheduler. See League Officers.