Applications for State, Association, and Founders Cups: November 3, 2008, 5 PM at the State Office

EXCEPTION is U16 – U19 Founders Cup D4: January 2, 5 PM at the State Office


There are rules specific to the composition of teams playing in Cup that restrict “wholesale” changes on the teams. To wit:

Founders Cup rule II-B item 4 (page 82 in team manual), Association Cup rule II-B item 5 (page 85 in team manual), and State Cup rule III (page 90 in team manual) each require that a team must demonstrate continuity of rosters between league play and cup play by maintaining a minimum of nine players common to the rosters.


CYSA Player Registration Form (1601)


When making any changes after league play has ended and prior to cup the registrars will need to ensure that at least 9 players from league are on the roster the team will take with them to cup. It is typically not a factor in State Cup and Association Cup but there are LOTS of changes on some of those Founders Cup rosters. We certainly would not want to have to eliminate a team at credentials check for that reason!

Basic Registration Process

For Club/League Registrars The District offers a session of training before the season begins. At that time, the District makes the league aware of the registration deadlines. If these deadlines are not met, fines are imposed. The final cut off dates for adding new players to comp teams are contingent upon State Cup play dates and are provided later in the Fall Season.

The League Registrar provides registration forms to the club registrars. The forms can also be found on the CYSA North Forms & Manuals . The forms are updated regularly, so old forms must be discarded. ACCYSL uses the web-based program to process player and adult registrations. Each club is responsible for registering its own players.

Clubs can choose to use a component of LeagueOne called Club Reg which allows the parents of the players to enter the information directly into the system. That information is transfered to LeagueOne, then verified by the Club Registrar. Currently no ACCYSL clubs use Club Reg.

The other club registrars enter the player information directly into LeagueOne. Once all teams are formed and have been entered into LeagueOne, the club registrars give all paperwork (forms, proof of age, and pictures, etc.) to the League clerks, Vicki Guay and Carla Swan. Once the paperwork has been verified and all corrections have been made, the clerks affirm the teams, print rosters, and prepare the passes.

For class IV teams, the clerks stamp the passes and rosters with the League Registrar’s signature and returns the passes, proof of age docs, and the original 1601 player forms to the clubs. The copies of the players’ 1601 forms and the adults’ 1628 forms are filed and kept by the League Registrar for 7 years. Once the season is over, the original adult forms are sent to the District Registrar along with a copy of all the Class IV team rosters.

For comp teams, passes and rosters are printed by the League Clerks and given to the League Registrar for final approval and signature. Any adds/drops/transfers 1606 forms are signed by the League Registrar. The originals of the 1601, 1628, and 1606 forms and the corresponding proof of age docs are sent to the District Registrar for approval and stamp. The League keeps a copy of all of the forms.

The District Registrar checks the forms again for accuracy. Once everything has been approved, she prints and stamps the official rosters and stamps the passes. All of these forms are returned to the League Registrar, with the exception of the original 1628 form. The District keeps those.

The paperwork is returned to the League Registrar and disseminated out to the clubs.