ACCYSL has implemented an Affiliated Referee Program to increase the number of referees. Each competitive team is required to provide three Grade 8 referees for the league referee pool. Each referee affiliated with a competitive team must do at least 5 games in the Fall season. A referee may only be affiliated with one team. In particular, a referee may not be affiliated with two different teams on the same club or different clubs in ACCYSL.

ACCYSL greatly appreciates referees stepping up to make the affiliated referee commitment. It is only with this kind of participation throughout the league that there will be enough referees to cover all the youth games. For more information about the league referee program contact

Jack Wagoner, 510-527-6956, mysoccerfriends@gmail.com

Recreational teams are also encouraged to provide Grade 8 referees to the pool.

A record is kept on MySoccerLeague.com of how many games each affiliated referee has officiated. The league imposes fines on teams that fail to meet their quota of games ( 3 referees, each doing at least 5 games in the Fall season).

Each club in ACCYSL has a Club Referee Assistant (CRA). See the League Officers And Contacts link under Site Quick Links located in the upper right corner. Each CRA monitors their club’s affiliated referees to insure 3×5 is met, and they encourage their affiliated referees to do games for the whole league as needed.

To sign up as an affiliated referee, kindly contact one of the CRAs.

The team affiliation of a referee from one club to different club may only be changed with explicit written email agreement among the referee and the two CRAs.

Remember that referees may not sign up in advance online for a game where there is a personal affiliation such as parent, brother, sister, etc.