Welcome To The ACCYSL Referee Crew

(0) Key Steps To Get Started

(a) Read the material below.
(b) Get your uniform and kit. See (3) below.
(c) Read referee Procedures
(d) Read Referee Pay

(1) Comments On Referee Procedures And Referee Pay

You must read these documents to be prepared and professional. Check the rules and regulations for each league and age level before you go to the game.

Sometimes there are minor variations between youth soccer organizations. For example, either team may substitute at a throw-in at a NorCal game whereas only the throw-in team may substitute in all other leagues.

(2) Games And Schedules

The games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. Sign up for games at www.mysoccerleague.com. Login, go to All Referee Assignments, select date, look for open games, hit the “I’ll take it ” button. New referees should start as ARs (assistant referees) on appropriate games.

You must honor your assignments. Do not take games early in the week and then cancel late. Others need to plan their games too. The ACCYSL Referee Assignor is Jerry Nelson , 510-684-6931, jertheluddite@netzero.net.

Youth referees may officiate at games which are least two age levels below their age. Center referees may not sign up in advance online for more than 3 games on the same field on any given day. But if a referee is present at an upcoming game where there is not full referee crew, they may certainly participate.

(3) Recommended Equipment

(a) Yellow jersey and badge
(b) Black shorts
(c) Black socks
(d) Running shoes or soccer cleats, preferably black or not bright
(e) Whistle, yellow and red cards, coin, watch, pen/pencil
(f) Score card to keep track of score, cautions, sendoffs.
Standard ones are available or you can just make your own.
(g) Two flags

The basic starter referee jersey is yellow, and this is generally the only color the recreational referee will need. The alternative colors of black, red, blue,and green are used more often in competitive games where opponents are from other leagues and may have conflicting jerseys. It is preferred that the center referee and the assistant referees have the same color jersey. Center referees provide the flags. Where to get your kit? Soccer Pro, 1324 10th St, Berkeley, CA 94710. 510-550-6956. There is also a good starter package at www.officialsports.com at roughly the same price. You will need an adhesive backed velcro patch to attach your badge to your jersey. See www.officialsports.com, Accessories, Velcro and Wristbands. Item # 3026. Or get the 3 inch size from Soccer Pro.

(4) Referee Websites

(a) http://www.accysl.org Main ACCYSL website.
(b) www.mysoccerleague.com Sign up for games.
(c) www.area4referees.org Main Area 4 referee site. Good information, location of upcoming clinics, etc.
(d) www.crna.net Main site for referees in northern California. Keep checking this site for information, referee updates from USSF, and events. And more!
(e) www.crna.gameofficials.net Where to go to register every year.
(f) www.ussoccer.com United States Soccer Federation
(g) www.ussoccer.com/Referees/Ask-A-Referee.aspx Marvelous question and answer website. Fun and educational.
(h) www.ussoccer.com/Referees/Week-In-Review.aspx Excellent weekly discussion and analysis of incidents in MLS as the season takes place.

(5) Lengths Of Halves

(a) U9 and U10 , 25 min halves, size 4 ball
(b) U11 and U12 , 30 min halves, size 4 ball
(c) U13 and U14 , 35 min halves, size 5 ball
(d) U15 and U16 , 40 min,halves, size 5 ball
(e) U17 to U19 , 45 min halves, size 5 ball

Rest time between halves is 5 min at all age levels except in CCSL and NorCal where it is 10 minutes.

(6) Substitutions In Youth Soccer

(a) Goal kick
(b) Goal
(c) Half time
(d) Injury
(e) Own throw-in
(f) Own caution

At NorCal games either team may substitute at a throw-in.

(7) Player Passes



The 1601 medical release form is not a substitute for the player pass.

(8) Game Cards and Match Reports

See ACC Referee Procedures

(9) Send Offs

See ACC Referee Procedures

(10) Basic Info

Click Referee Downloads to access Laws Of The Game (LOTG) and other key documents. Keep this on your SmartPhone for easy reference as you learn and progress as a referee.