Player Passes At ACCYSL Rec Games

All Players Must Have Player Passes At The Field!
Coaches Must Have Passes Too !
No Pass = No Play !!

For ACCYSL recreational games it is no longer necessary for coaches to mail in game cards. If there is a send-off (red card) the referee will retain the game card to include with the send-off report. For ages U9 through U12, it is also no longer necessary for teams to report results. Referees are required to do that now.

For information concerning substitutions, game cards, and send-offs for any games that are not ACCYSL recreational, please refer to Referee Procedures.

For all information concerning rules of play for age groups U6 through U12, please go to the Competition Schedules page
on, choose a play level (eg, U12G) and scroll
down to Instructions To Teams.