SEE REFPAY.COM HERE

No MSL Match Report
By Center Referee
No Pay or Affiliated Referee Credit
For Any Official On The Game

WHO REPORTS ON MSL Each center referee (CR) must file an electronic match report on www.mysoccerleague.com (MSL) within 72 hours after the game. Assistant referees (ARs) do not submit an online report at MSL. See Instructions below. In particular, NEVER select the Forfeit button.

VERY IMPORTANT     Not Actual CR At Game = Do Nothing On MSL

The only person who submits a report on MSL and hits the No Show buttons is the actual CR on the game. If you are not the CR at game time, do not do anything on MSL.

WHO SENDS A SEPARATE EMAIL REPORT If the referee crew at the game is the same as the people signed up on MSL, then the CR submits the MSL report and is done. But if there is a change of positions at game time for whatever reason we need additional information in order to pay you.

(A) Change in assignment

CRs and ARs who do actual assignments at game time for which they are not yet signed up online at MSL must each send email to refpay@accysl.net as explained in (3) and (4) below. Once again, do not send email if the referee crew at the game does the same assignments as shown on MSL. Also, do not send email if AR1 and AR2 switch AR assignments at the game.

LOSS OF PAY (PÉRDIDA DE PAGO) Failure to accurately complete MSL game reports and game emails on time may result in forfeiture of pay.

WHAT TO REPORT The online report by the CR must provide

(a) Score
(b) Names of ARs at the game Enter AR names in General Report box.
(c) Names of No Show ARs   Hit “No Show” and “Save No Shows” buttons.
(d) Sideline behavior rating
(e) Extra information as appropriate

See the Instructions below.

RAINOUTS If your assignment as CR has not yet been deleted by the ACCYSL Referee Scheduler, make your report with score 0-0 and say “rainout” in the General Report box. Also send an email message to


saying your game was rained out. The title of your email should be RAINOUT. Provide your name, position (CR), date, time, field, game level (eg, U16B-Div1), and game number.

Rainout Pay Policy

Rainouts are difficult for everyone: players and teams, parents, coaches, referees and league administrators. Here are our guidelines for referees.

(a) Call both the phone numbers at the Rainout link under Quick Links at the upper right hand corner of this page.

(b) If the field is closed as per info on the rainout numbers, then do not show up. Unfortunately, you will not be paid. Act of God. Everyone suffers.

(c) If the field is not closed as per info on the rainout numbers, then go to the field and access the situation. If both teams show up and field conditions are safe and playable, then start the game and you will be paid. If the field conditions are safe and playable and only one or neither of the teams show up, you will be paid. If you start the game and later terminate it due to rain and/or unsafe field conditions, it will be considered as having taken place and you will be paid.

GETTING PAID DEPENDS ON YOU We need your help ! The success of this payment method depends upon timely and accurate electronic report submittal, including contacting accyslrefpay@gmail.com if there is a last minute assignment change at game time. See (3) , (4) and (5) below. Many thanks for your cooperation.

YOUR GAME LOG To help us maintain accuracy of payments, we ask each CR and each AR to maintain a separate game log for their personal records and backup. For each game write down the date, time, field, score, level of play (eg, U14G-Div 3), and names of CR and ARs. You should be doing this anyway as standard operating procedure.

QUESTIONS ? Kindly contact Jack Wagoner at accyslrefpay@gmail.com

Match Report Instructions. Read Carefully And Follow Exactly.

(1) Login to www.mysoccerleague.com and click on Games I Refereed

(2) Click on Make Report just under your name for a particular game. The report has 5 parts: Score, Assistant Referees, No Shows, Sideline Behavior Rating, Extra Information

Score Fill in score in boxes for home and visitors. Do NOT select Forfeit button. If a game does not take place, enter a score of 0-0 and explain what happened in the general Report box.

Names Of Assistant Referees Just write down their names in the General Report box.

Names Of No Show ARs Hit “No Show” and “Save No Shows” buttons.

Rate Sideline Behavior Put this in the General Report box. Use the simple format

Home X , Visitors Y

where the ratings X and Y are chosen from the grades A thru F on the scale

A = very good
B = good
C = OK, needs some improvement
D = poor
F = unacceptable

Extra Information You only need to provide extra information in the General Report box if there is something noteworthy or unusual. For example : unsafe field conditions, no corner flags, goals not secured, trouble with coaches or parents, etc. For yellow cards and red cards provide the player name, team, jersey number, player ID number from player pass and brief reason for a caution or send off. There are 7 reasons for each. See Laws Of The Game, Law 12. There is only one reason for cautioning or sending off a coach. Write Irresponsible Behavior and then briefly explain.

(3) Only Center Referees may submit the MSL report electronically. If the referee crew on a game is exactly as listed on MSL, then the CR just submits the report as above at MSL. Done. But what happens when the assigned CR does not show up or is not the CR shown on MSL for one reason or another? If you are the actual CR, then you must submit an email report within 24 hours using the format below. Your assignment will be changed to CR so you can complete your MSL report.

Address     refpay@accysl.net
Subject      CR, Your first name, Your last name

Message    Date, Field, Time, Game number, Level of play (eg,U12B-IV)
                      Name of AR1 , Name of AR2

In order to help the referee book keeper you must write CR, Your first name, Your last name in the Subject line. Your first and last names should be exactly the same as shown on MSL when you sign up for a game. Do not submit only the game number alone. And keep the names of the ARs for your own records and for backup as well.

Remember You must file a MSL report in order for you and the ARs to get paid for the game. Thanks!

(4) If you are an AR on a game for which you did not sign up online in advance, you must submit an email report within 24 hours using the format below. The record will be changed on mysoccerleague.com to show you as an AR on the game.

Address     refpay@accysl.net
Subject      AR, Your first name, Your last name

Message    Date, Field, Time, Game number, Level of play (eg,U17G-Div3)

In order to help the referee pay facilitator you must write AR, Your first name, Your last name in the Subject line. Your first and last names should be exactly the same as shown on MSL when you sign up for a game. Do not submit only the game number alone.

Very Important You must do this in order to get paid. Even though CRs provide your name in their report,this is mainly for backup. Your report is necessary to help us only make changes where needed instead of having to check through many games, something which is very time consuming and costly to the league.

(5) Center Referees If you show up for a game that has not been cancelled but does not start for one reason or another, file your report as above and briefly explain what happened in the General Report box. Enter the score as Home 0 , Visitor 0. Do not check the Forfeit button. Also, send an email to refpay@accysl.net briefly explaining why the game did not start. Do not officiate the game, even though the teams may decide to play a “scrimmage”.

An example where a game “does not start” is when one team does not have the minimum required number of players with valid player passes. Or there is not present at least one registered adult team official (coach, assistant coach, team manager) with a valid pass.

Referee Pay Rates

(A) Each center referee (CR) and each assistant referee (AR) must be properly licensed to be paid.
Club lines and non-licensed referees are not paid.
(B) Referees failing to complete all reports correctly are subject to forfeiture of pay.
(C) For more about signing up for games go to Signing Up for Games
(D) Teams are classified as Recreational or Competitive. A Major game is one at the level of NPL or above in NorCaL and/or CalNorth. Major is really “Super Comp”, the highest level of Comp play.

The playing level categories Rec, Comp , Major will appear on mysoccerleague.com next to scheduled games. The center referee pay for Major games is $80. The assistant referee pay is the same as for Comp.


Comp Rec
U19 75 50 65 45
U18 75 50
U17 75 50
U16 55 35 50 30
U15 55 35
U14 40 30 35 25
U13 35 25
U12 30 20 25 15
U11 30 20
U10 25 15 25 15
U9 25 15 25 15

ArbiterPay.com (aka RefPay.com)

ACCYSL uses ArbiterPay (old name was RefPay) for referee payments. Referees who wish to be paid for their games by ACCYSL must be signed up on ArbiterPay.com. See below. All questions about referee payment and ArbiterPay.com should be sent to Jack Wagoner at accyslrefpay@gmail.com.

ArbiterPay.com is free to use although there are some transaction fees charged in certain circumstances.

To sign up for ArbiterPay.com and link it to your account on MySoccerLeague.com, follow these steps.

(a) Go to ArbiterPay.com and look for Sign Up Today to create a new account.
(b) Connect your ArbiterPay account to your bank account for electronic transfer, or ArbiterPay can mail you a check for a fee.
(c) Save the Username and Account Number assigned by ArbiterPay.com
(d) Save the Email Address you just provided to ArbiterPay.com when creating your account.
(e) Login to your MySoccerLeague.com account and look for Edit Information on your referee menu.
(f) Enter your ArbiterPay Username in the field for Username for Payment Service
(g) Enter your ArbiterPay Account Number in the field for Payment ID
(h) Save that and you’re done!

Note 1 Don’t enter your ArbiterPay.com password! Just the Username and Payment ID from ArbiterPay.com

Note 2 Our goal is to transfer payments to your ArbiterPay account by the first week after the end of each month in a season. You must then choose when to withdraw funds. If you choose Automatic when you set up your account, there will be a fee. If you choose Manual, then there is no fee. But each time you want to get paid, you must login to ArbiterPay and initiate a transfer. You can switch between Automatic and Manual at My Profile, My Preferences.

Checking Your Username And Payment ID At ArbiterPay.com

Login to your mysoccerleague.com referee page and click the Edit Information box. You will see two boxes at the top of the page for Username and Payment ID. Verify these boxes are completed correctly.

(1) You may do this by logging into your ArbiterPay.com account to see your Username and Payment ID.
(2) If you don’t remember your username or login password for ArbiterPay.com, click on

Forgot Username/Password

for help. The email address they need is the one you provided and were asked to save when signing up for ArbiterPay.com as per instructions in (d) just above.

(3) If you still cannot login, call ArbiterPay.com at 800-311-4060.